Enjoy Clean, Cool Fall Breezes with Clean Screens

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September 14, 2017
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October 15, 2017
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Enjoy Clean, Cool Fall Breezes with Clean Screens

Enjoy Clean, Cool Fall Breezes with Clean Screens

Window Screen Cleaners - Metro Detroit - Oakland County, MIWith fall having arrived here in Metroi Detroit, it’s a great time to start turning off the AC, and open your windows to let the cool fall breeze into your home. The cooler temperatures mean that more and more of our clients are wanting to enjoy the outdoors, and let fresh air from outside replace the recirculated air from the air conditioner. Fresh air keeps your home healthy, so when you can open your windows, make sure that you aren’t bringing in a ton of summer dust and pollen as well. Fall is a perfect time to clean your screens, to let fresh, clean fall breezes rejuvenate your home.

Get Rid of the Junk

Spring and summer breezes carry lots of stuff that can get lodged in your screens. Dirt, pollen, spider webs, little tiny bugs, etc. These things fill up your screen, and you may not notice it, especially if you’ve spent the heat of the summer with windows closed, cooling your house with your air conditioner or swamp cooler. If you are like many people you probably enjoy taking advantage of cool fall breezes to keep your house cool, instead of the air conditioner. The problem with this is, that as soon as you open your windows to let in that cool breeze, you also allow all of the junk that has built up on your screens to blow into your house as well. Getting your screens professionally cleaned will get rid of this junk, and ensure that the breeze that blows through your house is fresh and clean, not filled with all the spring and summer leftovers.

Improve Your View

It’s really amazing the difference that clean screens can make in the view from your windows. Screens are not one of those details that most homeowners think about, so they often get skipped when windows are washed. However, dirty screens can really diminish the view out your windows. Over time, you may not notice it, but looking through your screens, your view might not look quite as clear. This is caused by the build-up of dirt and grime on your screens. A fall screen cleaning will not only make the air in your home cleaner, but the view looking out your windows seem just a little bit clearer.

Better Air Flow

If you truly enjoy letting a little fresh breeze through your house, you’d be surprised at how much more of that breeze can come through, with clean screens. When screens get dirty, the space that is available for air to move through is reduced. This means that even though your windows are open, you might not be getting the best possible air flow. Professional cleaning will open up those tiny spaces and allow air to flow freely into your home.

Healthier Home

Dirty screens bring more dust into your home. While this is a pain to clean up, it also makes your home less healthy. Dust and pollen that stick to your screens can aggravate allergies, make breathing harder, and can sometimes contribute to colds and other unwanted fall and winter illnesses. Having your screens professionally cleaned ensures that you can enjoy the fresh, fall breezes, but not have to worry about making your family sick at the same time.

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Fall is a great time to enjoy the fresh, cool air. It’s also a great time to have your screens cleaned. D & H Window Cleaning has been providing professional window and screen cleaning in the Oakland County area since 1969. Our professionals can get your windows and screens clean, and ready for winter. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (586) 726-2340

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