Why You Want a Professional Cleaning for Your Commercial Windows

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Why You Want a Professional Cleaning for Your Commercial Windows

Why You Want a Professional Cleaning for Your Commercial Windows

Commercial Window Cleaning - Troy, MIAs a Troy business owner or manager, you are a professional. You have years of experience doing your job and you probably do your job well. When you hire other businesses to help your company, whether it’s your bookkeeper, janitor, or your answering service, you’ve hired them because they are professionals and they do a great job at something you can’t or don’t want to do.

Part of keeping your business together is a great looking building, and that means a building that has clean windows. Your Troy customers deserve to visit a great looking office, so it’s time to hire a professional window cleaner. Not sure if you’re ready to make the investment? Here are some reasons why you need a professional cleaning service for your commercial windows.

Better Quality

You should always demand the best quality from your contractors. The same is true when you are getting your windows cleaned. Your windows are often the first thing your customers notice, so they should be perfect. Many janitorial services claim that they can clean your windows. And maybe they can, but how good will they do if they also have to vacuum all your carpets and clean your restrooms. We can give you business the best possible window cleaning results and keep your building’s exterior looking amazing.


This is a big deal for all business owners, including us. Ensuring a safe place for your customers and employees to visit or work is critical to your bottom line. Unsafe conditions can cause big headaches and insurance bills you don’t want. So, when your windows need to be cleaned, keep your business, customers and employees safe, by hiring a professional window cleaner. Not only are our employees highly trained on how to work safe, so they aren’t in an accident, but they are also trained on how to work around your business without being a safety hazard to your employees and customers. And if an accident does happen, professional window cleaning companies in Metro Detroit carry their own insurance, so you won’t have to worry about what happens next.

The Right Materials

We come with the right materials to get the job done. This means that everything from the tools we use, the ladders we stand on and the cleaning solutions that we use are right for your job. Some window coatings require special cleaning solutions, and many business owners request that cleaning chemicals are environmentally safe. As your Troy window cleaning experts, we not only know what’s right for your windows, but we always use cleaning products that are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

You take pride in the professional service that you provide as a business. Carry that pride to caring for your business’s windows. Don’t let just anyone clean your Troy windows, get the job done right and hire a professional window cleaning service.

Looking for the Best Commercial Window Cleaning Company Servicing Troy, MI?

D & H Window Cleaning has been providing high quality, professional window cleaning services to commercial businesses in Troy since 1969. Our highly trained staff are here to get your business in Troy looking great, with the highest level of safety and the right products for your windows. To schedule an estimate or to get more information on our commercial window cleaning services, call us today at (586) 726-2340.

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